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​Applications of Smart Electromagnetic Generator


A Car Generating Energy

If the Smart Electromagnetic Generator is installed in the vehicle, and the power is turned on, it not only supplies all the energy of the vehicle to drive it, but also uses it as a generator to produce indoor living power or outdoor emergency energy.

•Cars do not correspond to mobility, but become a more powerful and perfect fundamental item of human civilization.

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A Ship leading the New Concept Marine Industry

  • If a smart electronic generator is installed on a ship, it not only optimizes the driving note by supplying all the energy of the ship when power is turned on, but also uses it as a generator to support ports or places where energy is needed.

  • In the era of self-driving ships and smart ports, it becomes the limitless energy on the sea that leads the new concept marine industry.


A drone that makes a mobility platform in the sky a reality

  • If the drone is equipped with a Smart Electromagnetic Generator, it will not only supply all the energy necessary for movement in the air when power is turned on, but will also be used as a platform in the sky through which transportation and logistics can pass while stationary in the sky.

  • Smart electronic generators with destructive technology become the energy to realize a utopia in the vast sky.


New values and infinite possibilities of future human civilization

  • In addition to stably using independent energy by applying it to smart industries and high-tech fields,   Enjoy true freedom with energy that is not bound by any semiconductor, AI, firefighting, medical, or space business.

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